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Washing Machine Hoses - They're a Bust

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Plumbing Inspection

You can't remember the last time since your last vacation. The reservations were made for a full week away, the car is loaded up, the house all locked up and secured, and the mail's been put on hold. For a whole week you are unplugged from the office, anything and everything back home is the furthest thing from your mind. On your return, you are feeling relaxed and refreshed, not at all anticipating what you find when you pull up to your house.

"Why is there water flowing out the front door?" you ask as you pull into your driveway. It is because the water supply hose to your washing machine burst while you were relaxing on the beach 300 miles away. Imagine the amount of water flowing through your home, and the amount of damage after it went unchecked for several days. Not a good feeling, especially considering this catastrophe could have been avoided with a relatively easy fix.

There are a couple of things every homeowner can do to prevent this scenario. First, it is not a bad idea to turn off the main water to your home if you're going to be away; some sources say even if it is going to be just overnight (everyone living in the home needs to know where the main shutoff valve is located, but that's another blog).

Second, go take a look at those supply hoses; they are right behind your washing machine. Some of them even have a recommended replacement date (as do the ones in the above picture). If they are made of rubber, replace those old supply lines with braided stainless steel supply lines. They will last much longer, and are less apt to burst. Get a set specifically for washing machines, and, while you are at it, pick up some for your toilet supply lines as well.

Replacing these lines is a relatively easy task, and don't really require any tools (except maybe a good pair of plyers). Remember to turn the water off before replacing the lines. There should be shut-off valves at each of lines. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, a qualified plumber can do this for a reasonable fee.

Doing something so simple will give you piece of mind, as well as one less thing to worry about. Check them out, and get it taken care of. So, why are you still reading this? Go check those hoses now!

And when you're ready to buy or sell, call Dream Home Inspections VA for your dream home inspection.


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