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Radon Monitoring

Radon monitoring determines if your home has radon gas levels within the limits that have been established by the Environmental Protection agency.

Odorless, Invisible Gas

Radon is present in every home, and regardless of the levels present, you and your family cannot see it or smell it. It comes from radioactive materials located within the rocks and soil beneath your home, and the levels can vary widely from home to home.

Dangers of Radon

Radon is the #1 leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 homes have radon levels that exceed the EPA's action level.

For more information about radon, you can read the EPA's guide to radon here.

What I Do

A continuous radon monitor will be placed and remain in the home for 48 hours. 

It constantly monitors the radon level, temperature, humidity level and air pressure.

After a minimum of 48 hours, I will immediately have the results; no need to send anything to a lab.

A completed report will be emailed to you within a couple of hours.

What's Next?

If the levels exceed the recommend action level, I will provide you with the next steps for remediation.

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