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Pre-Listing Inspection

Don't take Chances

Getting a pre-listing home inspection offers several advantages to you as the seller. Although not required, it can prove very beneficial if you're planning on placing your home on the market.

Minimize Stress

Most prospective buyers will have a home inspection as part of the buying process, which may reveal some unknown issues with your home. During the selling process, you have a limited amount of time to have repairs done, or renegotiate your asking price. Why not eliminate this stress by having a pre-listing inspection? 

Know Where You Stand

A pre-listing inspection will help you know the true condition of your home, which can help in setting your asking price. OR, you can take the extra step and make repairs yourself, or determine if you'll call in an expert. Without the constraints of deadlines imposed during the selling period, you can better evaluate your options, and determine the path that is best FOR YOU.

Full Report

I approach your pre-listing inspection with the same in-depth attention, giving you a full report of the home's condition, using the latest technology in home inspection software and tools. Included in the report are the conditions of all major systems of the home: roof, attic, structure, basement and/or crawl space, the exterior, HVAC, electrical, plumping, and even the grounds surrounding your home and how they affect it. 

What to Expect

The inspection will take approximately 3 hours (or more, considering the size and condition of the home), and will require access to all areas. All major systems will be evaluated, which means I will need to operate the heating and/or cooling system(s). Once completed, I can go over any issues noted right away, and you will have the detailed report within the next 24 hours.

Not only will I provide you with a summary of any issues noted, you'll also receive specific recommendations and further steps to take.

Dedication to Excellence

Once the report is delivered, my job is not complete. I will answer any questions that you have regarding the report and my findings. I deliver the best home inspection report in your neighborhood; let me prove it to you.

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