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Condo Inspections?

If you are ready to start looking at a condo, chances are you'll place a conditional offer to the seller. One condition you should not forget or ignore is a home inspection. Did you know that you should also include a home inspection as part of the purchase of a condo? Unfortunately, many condo buyers believe that the condo corporation or HOA will take care of everything inside and out. But many find out that is not the case when things go wrong.

What You Should Know

As a new buyer of a condo, the seller should provide you with information regarding who owns what in the building, which defines what responsibility falls to whom when things go wrong. Many condo organizations even offer their own condo inspection; however, sometimes these are not quite enough. The boundaries are defined within the condo declarations, and the regular condo inspection provided by the condo corporation only covers these specific parameters. But there are many other items that could affect where you live that fall outside of these parameters.

What a Home Inspection Provides

Your Dream Home Inspector is a certified professional inspector (CPI), licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. I will evaluate all of the systems within the unit, including but not limited to the HVAC system (both heating and cooling), the plumbing, electrical, and general quality of the property (structure, windows, insulation value, etc.). If the unit is on the ground floor, an inspection of any area beneath the unit such as a basement, garage, or crawlspace would be performed. If the unit is on the top floor, the roof and attic are often assessed as well.

By going the extra step, your Dream Home Inspection can reveal any items that the condo corporation or HOA should address that will not only protect you, but will improve the quality of the building for everyone.

Once Your Inspection Is Complete

You and your realtor will be provided with a fully illustrated report identifying any issues noted during the inspection. This report will help you and your realtor to negotiate, either on price, repairs, or allowances for repairs. Your Dream Home Inspection report is a valuable tool. I have had a couple of these reports used to provide the HOA or condo corporation with specific items that need attention. It's better to know of an issue before it gets too far out of hand. Small problems plus time equals big problems.

Book Your Condo Home Inspection Now

Reach out to me to find the best time to have your condo inspected. I have even performed Pre-listing inspections, which help potential sellers determine any underlying issues they are not aware of. This time saving step allows you, as the seller, time to have repairs made without the pressure of an upcoming closing date on the property. Whether you are buying or selling, call the preferred home inspector for Roanoke and the surrounding area today, for your Dream Home Inspection.

Dream Home Inspections


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