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Home Inspections

Don't take Chances

Your home will most likely be the largest, if not the most significant purchase you will make in your life. So why take a chance when you enter into such a transaction?

Making it Easy For You

My inspection service will empower you to know and fully understand the home's true condition, and the report will give you exactly what you need to address any issues. 

On-site Experience

Even in the midst of social distancing, I do encourage my clients to attend the inspection, or, in the very least, the last half hour. I will gladly address any issues and answer any questions you may have, and will take as long as needed to assure I've covered everything of concern. 

Full Report Delivered Quickly

Data is gathered and the report is generated using the latest in home inspection software technology. It's easy to read and includes full color pictures, diagrams, and video, and will be accessible for viewing and download via the cloud within 24 hours. 

What to Expect

Your home inspection will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the major systems of the property, including the roof, attic, HVAC system, structure, electrical, plumping, insulation, appliances, basement or crawlspace, as well as the exterior grounds.

Not only will I provide you with a summary of any issues noted, you'll also receive specific recommendations and further steps to take.

Dedication to Excellence

Once the report is delivered, my job is not complete. I will answer any questions that you have regarding the report and my findings. I deliver the best home inspection report in your neighborhood; let me prove it to you.

Call Dream Home Inspections, for your dream home inspection!

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