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Snow Day?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Roof inspection

A recent snowfall brought to mind some issues we have as inspectors when it comes to inspecting a property. As an inspector, we do follow specific Standards of Practice (SOP's) when it comes to inspecting your home. The SOP does not require an inspector to actually climb on a roof, but we must find some means to inspect the roof, be it from a ladder at the eaves, on the ground with binoculars, or use a remote control drone with a camera. But what happens when we cannot actually see the roof?

Living in the area that I do (SW Virginia), we do see snow most every winter, and typically it is here and gone within a few days. If the snow is here to stay for a while, the only thing I can do as an inspector is to provide a disclaimer in the report that the roof is not viewable due to snow cover. However, even if I cannot see the actual roof, the layer of snow makes it a perfect time to check in the attic for leaks, which will at least give me an idea of the condition and effectiveness of the roof and flashing.

At Dream Home Inspections, in the event that I cannot view a roof due to snow cover, I do ask my client (or the home owner) to please let me know when the roof is viewable. Within 3 days of notification, I will make an unscheduled trip to return to the property and check the roof. I will then supply an addendum to my home inspection report with my findings.

This is just one of the many ways that I do my best to help my customers. Please let me know how I may help you.

Dream Home Inspections, for your dream home inspection!


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